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Anga Hotel


Located in the heart of Yerevan in the best-rated location near Republic Square, the sights and treasures of the Pink City will be at your fingertips as you enjoy the comforts of the Anga Yerevan Hotel.

  • Direct flights from Abu Dhabi with Wizz air
  • Hotel stay in Yerevan with breakfast
  • Airport welcome & on-ground support by Holiday Factory guide
  • Return airport-hotel transfers
  • Travel Insurance of Schengen standard

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President Hotel


Ideally located hotel with brand new facilities and the surrounding greenery guarantees a perfect atmosphere for a great holiday. Your haven of peace and tranquillity awaits!

  • Direct flights from Abu Dhabi with Wizz air
  • Hotel stay in Yerevan with breakfast
  • Airport welcome & on-ground support by Holiday Factory guide
  • Return airport-hotel transfers
  • Travel Insurance of Schengen standard

Hand Baggage only (10kg):

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Armenia Tours and Vacation Packages

About Armenia, Europe

Armenia is one of the earliest Christian civilizations and a former Soviet republic. The country is known for its many religious and pilgrimage sites such as the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni, the Khor Virap Monastery near Mount Ararat and the 4th-century Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Lake Sevan is also a famous tourist attraction, boasting beach resorts known for windsurfing, jet-skiing, and sailing.

An Armenia tour package would be incomplete without visiting the capital city of Yerevan, having historically important attractions like the Matenadaran museum. This is also a place known for its street markets and buzzing night clubs. Armenia is also home to the world’s longest reversible cableway, the “Wings Of Tatev” aerial tramway.

Quick facts about Armenia

  • Rich and ancient cultural heritage
  • The first country in the world to embrace Christianity as the official religion
  • Three sites in Armenia are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites
  • Vivid nightlife, live music, cafes and jazz clubs that grind till dawn
  • Known for the best street artists of the modern world
  • Echoes of Church chants and melodies that calms the soul fill the air all around
  • A country of unforgettably hospitable people
  • Rich cuisine that comes full of spices and fresh ingredients
  • Amazing spirit culture ranging from the most ancient wine factory to Areni Noir, the indigenous grape variety, first planted by Noah

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Things to do in Armenia

One of the must-do activities in Armenia is the hot-air ballooning in Yerevan, giving a spectacular scenery and unique experience to explorers. Other activities to try out while holidaying in Armenia are;

  • Trying the abundant local varieties of drinks such as cognac, wine and oghi (Armenian Vodka). Armenia grows 6 varieties of grape and the geography of Armenia is ideal for both cognac production and winemaking
  • Armenia grows 6 varieties of grape, the conditions of the country are ideal for both cognac production and winemaking
  • Trekking and cycling in Mount Aragats, Azhdahak and Spitakasar in Geghama mountain range and Khustup mountain
  • High-mountain diving and paragliding over endless mountain ranges
  • Rock climbing in the “Valley of Sorrows” near the Noravank monastery
  • Horseback riding at Mount Aragats, Armenia’s tallest mountain
  • Bird Watching. Armenia has 350 species of birds, 245 of which have been breed here. Around 170 of these are found in winter
  • Professional cavers may be interested in uncovering the rare corners of Armenian history by visiting the Areni cave complex or any of the countless ancient cave dwellings located in the Armenian highlands
  • Armenia is ranked among the safest countries on earth by the U.S State Department system. So, if you’re not into a pre-designed Armenia vacation package, you’re free to explore the country on your own terms. Armenia has a very low crime level and is guarded by groups of angelic police officers in all public places.

Places to visit in Armenia

In spite of being comparatively small geographically, Armenia is home to quite a distinct fauna and flora. Some of the must-see tourist spots that are staples on every Armenia holiday package are;

    • The many Christian shrines sprawled around the capital and across Armenia, enriched with beautifully ornamented khachkars – cross stones. Known as the “Land of Churches,” Armenia has over 4,000 monasteries and churches
    • The terracotta cliffs of Vayots Dzor, rugged landscapes that attract hiking and camping aficionados
    • The Blue Mosque, Yerevan, an 18th century Shia mosque, constructed during the reign of Iranian ruler Nadir Shah
    • The sacred Skhtorashen plane trees at the Trchkan waterfall, listed as one of the oldest trees of the planet
    • The capital city Yerevan, appearing in the list of “Six Unexpected Cities for the Food Lovers” by National Geographic. Armenian cuisine has stood the test of time for two millennia with its mouthwatering dishes accompanied by intimate drinks and toasts.
    • Lake Sevan with broad shores a favorite spot for all wind and kitesurfing aficionados

Zorats Karer, the “Stonehenge”” of Armenia, a prehistoric complex near the city of Sisian, believed to have been built in the 3rd millennium BC

  • The ski resorts in Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan, attracted by a numerous tourists ranging from professional skiers to amateurs. Almost every Armenia travel package covers some or many of these ski resorts

Food in Armenia

Armenia tours will also give you the chance to taste Armenian cuisine that has endured the past two millennia, covering a plethora of mouthwatering delicacies savored along with inviting spirits and toasts. Be it a full dinner at a decent restaurant, a rich aromatic coffee at a street cafe or the orchard-fresh local fruits and berries at the markets, Armenia offers a treat for every foodie.

Armenians have been passing recipes from generation to generation and take pride treasuring them as guarded family secrets. Fresh as well as dried herbs go in many of the signature Armenian dishes. The clay kitchenware and furnaces used by Armenians add a distinct authentic flavor to their cuisine. Delicacies vary from meat-based dishes to vegetable-based ones. Thanks to the abundance and quality of fresh ingredients, Armenian cuisine is quite fitting for vegans and the lactose intolerant.

Armenian spirits and beverages have tremendous cultural and historical significance. You must try the authentic Armenian cognac and Armenian vodka known as Oghi. The geographical conditions of Armenia are ideal for winemaking and cognac production and Armenians grow six varieties of grape. Armenian cognac is globally renowned and is considered one of the best, both quality and taste wise. On the non-alcoholic front, Armenian coffee is also traditionally famous for its flavor and you should make it a point to include trying it in your Armenia trips calendar.